Friday, 10 March 2017

Displaced Yemeni face dire conditions after latest Violence

wna,Redhwan Nasser Al-sharif

Renewed fighting has displaced more than 62,000 people in recent weeks, with many facing malnutrition, disease and inadequate shelter, Relief Web reported..
As the battle for control of the Red Sea port of Mokha on Yemen’s west coast raged around them last month, Amina* and her family knew the time had finally come for them to flee for their lives.
“We faced danger from both the sky and the land. We hid at home for most of the time, but when we were nearly killed and our house damaged by the fighting, we just had to leave,” the 28-year-old mother of three said.
Together with two neighbouringfamilies, Amina, her husband and their children crammed themselves into a vehicle that would take them to safety, splitting the US$180 cost between them. A journey that would normally take two hours lasted four times as long as they had to stick to back roads to avoid the fighting.
“We couldn’t take anything with us – no food, clothes or any belongings because there was hardly any space for the people. So we left with nothing,” Amina explained.
They made their way some 150 kilometres north to the town of Bayt al Faqih in the neighbouringHudaydah governorate, where Amina and her family have been staying in an apartment provided by the local community for the past several weeks.

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